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First, create a profile that tells the world about your favorite fitness activities, why you love to maintain an active lifestyle and what you’re looking for in your activity partners.Next, post some photos, especially ones that highlight your fitness passion.The go-to local matchmaker hosts regular Lock and Key parties that offer a space for matching that is as straightforward as it is creative.Upon arrival, women attendees get padlocks and men get keys.And yes, the females wear lock necklaces while the men wear keys.As the night unfolded, I began to realize this concept is quite genius!Except for 2 of them, none of them were women I was interested in the least.4 of them were older than me and they made it pretty clear in the first few seconds itself that they were looking for older men, 2 women were pretty but told me in clear terms that they were Eastern European and so would never consider someone of my ethnicity(I am Indian) and so they were very cold and distant even in those few minutes.

I've tried it a couple of times and have met some really great guys. Even though none of my dates have turned into relationships, it's still a fun night out, and why have you got to lose? I'm sure it's changed and that they know how to hone the demographics for the event, but it's just not for me. I found a speed dating website that lets you choose exactly what type of people you want to meet- they have it so specific it's crazy.

It may very well be worht it since you are living in NYC though - my friends who live there say it is a BRUTAL dating scene there! Like limited by age/profession/educational status etc. I guess the worst thing that could happen is I have a weird story to tell afterwards. Meeting random people to date here is hard, and I absolutely hate the whole internet dating thing- I've tried it, but have been wildly unsuccessful at meeting quality people. I'm thinking about giving it a shot but am skeptical. One good thing about it was the fact that I had a free coupon for that one time and so didn't have to pay for the event itself.

This happened in Boston last year, and I met close to 8 women(I believe) that night.

Each time their hardware matches, its turned in for a new set of hardware and each person gets another raffle ticket for great prizes donated by local businessesor maybe even a date?

Judging from the popularity of the events (attendance has doubled at each new gathreing) this formula for love seems to be working.

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It’s simple: By doing something you both enjoy, like working out at a health club, you get both entertainment and natural conversation – much better than staring at each other across a table!