Cacti graphs not updating after upgrade

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#832465 [Cloudstack v2] flavor billing bug in invoice system #968020 [Admin] bug while creating estimates #757484 [Domain] Openprovider, contact issues with street number #788966 [Email Templates] variable is missing from invoice due/payment reminder emails #186337 [Orders] Invoice pay by dates not adjusting based on custom automation #546310 [Admin] Javascript code is not refreshed by browser after updates #546310 [Admin] Sql errors caused by search function #375067 [Zimbra] Accounts listing doesnt work #981605 [Gateway] Brain Token vault - can't use other currencies than USD #770308 [Plugin] Status notifications - client status updates are shown in wrong order #572720 [Domain] Can't register domains with modules based on Logic Boxes api #534454 [Boxis SMS] Notification status always shows as failed #923535 [Billing] Selected refund amount is ignored #985929 [On App] Provisioning fails if password has specific characters #241256 [On App] Can't remove backup schedules #341157 [Cloudstack] Can't attach volumes to running vms #341157 [Cloudstack] wrong translation for cpu cores #344558 [Emails] Transaction variable doesn't work on invoice paid emails #523567 [Admin] Clicking on some dropdown menus will disable next click #394193 [Duo Security] Authentication page is not show in redirected to root page #405541 [Template] Blue, menu hover is not working correctly #405541 [Template] Blue, Tickets controls are not working in dashboard #405541 [Plugin] Ticket related services php exception #470337 [Proxmox2] Backup space limit option cant be updated #720211 [Zimbra] Can't use ampersand character in password #241523 [DNS Services] It is possible to use IPs as CNAME data #346347 [Eway] Automated/Admin charges do not work #566783 [Reseller Club] Email forwarding widget is available even when not supported Added Braintree Token Payment gateway Staff member now can use client credit and apply it to invoice Credit from Client profile to invoice Bugs Fixed #848525 [Billing] Refund transactions are added twice #672926 [Proxmox v2] Provisioning fails if used username is taken #751199 [Proxmox v2] Cant save backup compression settings #822687 [Proxmox v2] Admin area doesn't load vm list #463639 [Plugin] Gateway fees may add charges twice #958346 [Plugin] Clients overview - Login as client doesn't work #838597 [Amazon EC2] Error when trying to use eu-central-1 ergion #110805 [On App] Power off will forcefully showdown client VM #541398 [SMS Notifications] Boxis SMS - missing client registration field config #394193 [Duo Security] Client is redirected to livechat/blank page after authorization #121311 [Products] Colocation type products does not save email assignment for automated emails Added Time & Performance tracker - Added Job Type Select when starting new task Time & Performance tracker - Added Staff Performance Statistics Time & Performance tracker - Added Job Type Statistics Time & Performance tracker - Added Comment box when ending current task Bugs Fixed #113583 [On App CDN] Cannot upgrade/downgrade account package #321722 [Order] Recurring discount is not converted to client currency #349951 [Cart] Wrong amount of decimal places in order summary #349952 [General] No option to set display decimal for additional currency #364392 [Xenserver] All VMs showing as "off" on service list #993073 [Plugin] Duo Security for client area doesnt work with admin version #993074 [Plugin] Duo Security doesnt update client profile with correct field Added New Payment Gateway - First Data Global Gateway Bugs Fixed #347568 [Invoice] Invoice total is replaced after updating invoice details #182034 [Invoice] qty input is to short #183677 [Support] Ticket: Auto Close emails ignore German language #156056 [Cloudstack] Data disk slider does not work with ISO images #945337 [Proxmox] Automatic upgrade fails #574251 [Whois]whois server returning false negatives #113583 [On App CDN] Chant upgrade/downgrade account package Added New Payment Gateway - Rocket Gate Bugs Fixed #1423479745 [Tickets] Ticket macro browser do not load automatically on ticket load #1423504332 [Tickets] Opening new ticket does not load macro browser from admin UI #1423509440 [Amazon EC2] Class load errors under PHP 5.4 Bugs Fixed #182034 [Admin] QTY field price display issue in admin area #786142 [Admin] Hostbill reports do not display the translation of product types and names #452555 [Cart] Drop down price is wrongly initialized #950330 [Cart] Orders paid with credit are provisioned twice #881834 [Onapp] Cant downgrade when using vcpu #909879 [Onapp] VM deployment doesnt follow HV zone setup #881834 [Admin] Failed upgrade orders are marked Active #182034 [Admin] QTY form field is to short Added New Host Bill - Email Edition Bugs Fixed #1423055779 [Cloud Signup] Cloud signup plugin is not listed with auto-update.#1423073525 [Api] Some API calls fails when calling bundled accounts details #1423113673 [Cart] Order cannot be processed for onestep orderpages with gateway form hidden (ie Lato Orderpage) #573610 [Whois] domain availability error #150164 [Cloudy theme] DNS services design error #531858 [Admin] Ticket By Admin have no signature #922935 [Admin] Credit log transaction id goes over the invoice number #997215 [Whois] Added whois servers for .audio, .website, .rocks, .guitars, .hiphop tlds Added [App] Duo Two-Factor authentication for your customers [Core] Product Configuration - You can now force require hostname for your product in Components-Domains [Registrar] Open Provider domain registrar integration Bugs Fixed #1422877628 [General] Next invoice date in monthly cycle can skip a day with uneven months length #1422941130 [Cloud Signup] Email verification does not have client attached to it/fails to be sent out #146131 [Client area] Some forms are not displayed if using bandwidth billing #146131 [Client area] Fields hidden with form logic are set to first value and show up in account details 1422990800 [On App] Metered task fails for On App module (sql error) 1422990978 [On App CDN] Metered task reports php warnings #214467 [Billing] Credit is decreased twice for the same invoice #573610 [Whois] domain availability error Added Support Fields Plugin - Parse inserted URLs into clickable links Bugs Fixed #110089 [DNS Service] DNS Service Management has scroll bars in every cell #140820 [SSL Service] SSL Order Page Details #454621 [Domains] Enom Whois protection activation error #207256 [Admin area] Customer data filter is not working with other language #339196 [Cloudstack] Detaching volumes should not require users to power of their VMs #339196 [Cloudstack] VM is restarted after volume resize #339196 [Cloudstack] per VM Storage controls are not working correctly if main storage limit is left blank #339196 [Cloudstack] per VM limits are not applied for memory/cpu #339196 [Cloudstack] VM is not powered on after resizing #162687 [Cart] Hidden forms show up in cart summary #791965 [Vmware5] test connection fails with 500 Internal Server Error Added Stripe Gateway - Added missing currencies support to gateway modules Invoicing - It is now possible to use as invoice prefix Bugs Fixed #235647 [Proxmox] Unable to start spice console Added New Plugin: Cloud Signup: Enable fast cloud signup - let your clients provide just email and password to register for cloud service.This implies that one obtains precise figures for recently logged data, whereas figures based on very old data are mean value approximations.

#350759 [Automation] Can't change currency Conversion rate - error occurs.Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.Remote data collectors (Pollers) Network discovery and automation Device management automation Enhanced user, group and domain management User interface enhancements Additional RRDtool graph option support Merged almost 20 plugins into core f=4&t=56794 For additional details check out the README located on Git Hub - Contribute Active development of Cacti is located on Git Hub! f=4&t=55666&p=260306 Cacti 0.8.8g Change Log Bugs Cacti Spine

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settings: You can now change the PHP Binary path from within cacti.

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