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In between, Mulligan and Sturridge arrived together and left together at the 14th annual Hollywood awards, reports Though, this is not the first time the two have been spotted together.There have been reports that they were caught together at a hotel, where the actress was staying while filming for her upcoming Drive.Although discreet about their life together, the short clip filmed by Mario Testino provided a touching insight into the couple's strong bond as they flirted, laughed, gazed into each others' eyes and kissed passionately.That 'magic' is something Sienna is profoundly grateful for. Tom is “beautiful” in that fascinating, delicate, untouchable way. She only got out of the relationship with Shia La Beouf a few weeks ago – does she move on very quickly? Because there are some rumors about him dating someone else too. So bad that both just ran in the other direction, into the arms of other people? Even though I don’t put any stock into the Sturridge-Pattinsons homoerotic conspiracy theory, Tom does beep on my gaydar. In fact, that would make a lot of sense, to me at least.His lips are perfect and pink and his cheekbones are insane. It seems Carey Mulligan has found a new love in fellow star Tom Sturridge, as the two have been spotted together at various occasions.

Not “beautiful” in the same way David Gandy is beautiful – Gandy is hot, he’s sexy, and I want to drape myself around him like a Snuggie. Fresh off her breakup with Shia La Beouf, Carey Mulligan has been staying at a Best Western Hotel in Hollywood - and spotted with a new man.Carey has been seen with fellow British actor Tom Sturridge.Now, that name might not be familiar to you if you are A) Above the age of 19 or B) Not into sparkly British actors.Tom is best friends forever with Robert Pattinson – indeed, there is even a popular conspiracy theory that involves The Sparkler and Tom Sturridge being lovers.

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But Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan and Britpack actor Tom Sturridge have been snapped enjoying each other’s company again – this time with Ms Mulligan grinning as they drove away from a wholefood supermarket.