Dewars scotch bottle dating

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Dewars scotch bottle dating

John’s son, John Alexander Dewar, joined the business in 1871, becoming a partner eight years later.

John Alexander inherited the business following his father’s death in 1880.

Dewar’s blended scotch has a storied history going back to 1846, when John Dewar became one of the first men to bottle scotch (blended) in glass bottles for retail. Dewar unveiled the company’s new flagship product, Dewar’s White Label. Palate: A bit of creaminess in the body – unexpected.

Dewar’s built the distillery to ensure a steady supply of malt for blending. With Water: If anything, the nose is sharper with less nuance.

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Thomas ‘Tommy’ Dewar joined the business in 1884 and the brand was quickly expanded, starting with a serious introduction to the London market.

Dewar’s was introduced to the American market in style, for in 1891 their whisky was delivered to the White House when Andrew Carnegie ordered a keg for President Benjamin Harrison.

If you hold the bottle up to the light and peer through the back, you can often see a serial number on the back side of the main label which will give a 2-digit year of the bottling.Today’s White Label still retains Aberfeldy malt as its ‘heart’ or primary malt component, and also contains as many as 40 other malts and grain whiskies. The palate seems unchanged, although there might be a bit of vanilla that wasn’t present before. Lemon sorbet, and a distinct neutral spirit – something in between vodka and cleaning solution. Luckily, the white fruit and citrus counterpoint the harshness of the alcohol in the nose, but it’s still clear this contains young grain spirit.The famed brand, Dewar’s was established in 1846 by John Dewar Sr as a wine and spirits merchant on Perth High Street.John sold blended whisky with his own name on the bottles, a rare thing at the time and it was not long before he was supplying bars and hotels throughout Scotland with his product.

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