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Mary lou metzger dating

Right away, her time started to pay dividends...sang in choral numbers and with Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys providing vocals in her Betty Boop voice.

She also was paired with Jack Imel in light dance musical routines that were popular on the show, plus she also sang with Gail Farrell as a duet....later joined with Sandi Griffiths to make up the ever popular trio of Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou.

She also co-founded the Actors' Conservatory Ensemble theater group in 1990.

Metzger continues to perform with Welk alumni on concert tours, and regularly appears on pledge drives for PBS, which now airs The Lawrence Welk Show on more than 250 stations.

Since 1973, she has been married to fellow music maker Richard Maloof, who played bass and tuba in the orchestra.

Douglas Carl, 31, finished second in the mile in .1.

Adam Alderton, 33, ran 100 meters in 11.2 -- fifth place in an excellent time -- then ran the 110 meter hurdles in 20.2.

While attending Temple University, she traveled out to Los Angeles in sunny Southern California to appear on the GE All American College Bowl...had other plans as well, and it involved Lawrence Welk and his Musical Family.

It was on Mothers Day of 1970 when Mary Lou joined the show, where she enrolled in the Welk orginaztion's Youth Opportunity Program that trained her to be a singer, musician and performer.

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Through much of the late 2000s, she hosted the wraparounds of the show featuring interviews with members of the Musical Family, conducted by Metzger herself.