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The Net Tiers Web Library is a set of Controls and Objects that provide powerful tools to make your web development projects with Net Tiers much easier and more efficient.

The Web Library offers both Strongly Typed Data Source Controls as well as the more generic Entity Data Source.

we fetch the original employee first by its id, then we merge this original employee with the updated employee.

The page just posts back with the Edit Item Template controls still showing.

I'm going to give up on this approach and use my own method in the Row Command event instead.

Cancel to true in certain circumstances, but they aren't being hit.

On the other hand, the Entity Data Source control is a generic datasource and is useful because it uses 100% reflection to work with the data providers.

To specify a descending sort, the sort expression can include a sort column name followed by the modifier.

For example, a sort expression that identifies the Last Name and First Name columns as the columns to use for sorting would be "Last Name, First Name" for an ascending sort and "Last Name, First Name DESC" for a descending sort. However, you might be working with a business object method that takes one or more parameters typed as a complex or user-defined type.

You can specify a name, type, direction, and default value for each parameter.

Parameters that get values from a specific object, such as a control, session variable, or the user profile, require you to set additional properties.

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