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Updating collection src allcvs

After I started using Free BSD at 5.4 times (2005) I have tried various methods of keeping my Free BSD installations up-to-date, many of them terribly failed, but some recent ones seem to do the job as advertised.

Even not so recently ago I thought, lets stick to RELEASE and do not compile newer versions of packages as there are available packages at FTP ... First, once the RELEASE is completed, there are only security fixes for the base system, but there are no bug fixes for the RELEASE.

Its even worse with packages for RELEASE since once they are built they are never later updated, even if they have security issues, not even mentioning bugs. The sollution seems to be tracking STABLE tree for the base system along with packages that are built every 2 weeks for the STABLE tree and compiling only when there are security issues in some of the installed packages, but there are for example 10 more days before their rebuilt versions would show up on the STABLE tree FTP.

Take a look at the Departures from Amsterdam Central Station When you look at the data, you’ll see the array is contained within the “times” object.This article describes how to perform batch updates on all entities in a collection.Batch updates require the use of a query string in the request, which can either specify all entities in the collection or a subset of entities for the update to be performed on.You would not rebuild the base system every day, not even every week, just when needed. For example when there is a security issue, You would just follow the instructions in the SA (security advisory) to fix that issue, there is no need to rebuild whole world. The only reasons to rebuild the base system are that there has been found and fixed a bug in STABLE that affects You or that You need new features that has been merged into the STABLE branch (from CURRENT for example) like newer ZFS version or whatever. Updating from Mon Sep 5 CEST 2011 to Mon Sep 5 CEST 2011.

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Consider this post a short Tutorial on how to set up some basics.

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