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That the word “sesquicentennial” exists, and that it is only ever used to describe contrived festivals of this sort, seems like a hint.

One hundred and fifty is sort of an awkward number to be the occasion for a grand national celebration.

Success should be whenever a colleague achieves a goal.

Personal efforts count when the achievement contributes to the team’s common goals.

"Overpraising a child can get her hooked on success and celebration instead of being satisfied by her own accomplishment," says Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer, author of Praising Boys Well and Praising Girls Well.

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Proud because he knows he's done everything that's been asked of him, and more: he's dealt calmly and competently with every pressure and deadline that has been thrown at him. It's Jo, a manager who Aidan works with but doesn't report to directly.

"I just wanted to say, I know you've been really pushed this week, but well done. This is the first time that anyone's said thank you for anything, in the two years he's been with the team. By the time Aidan is finally done, he knows that he needs to look for a role in another section.

We would sprain our eyebrows raising them at the glorification of European explorers and the endorsement of an unjust world order.

We would know what attendees could only sense: that the old premise of Canada as two founding nations yoked together, combining complementary racial virtues to achieve material and spiritual progress, was about to enter an irreversible crisis.

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No doubt in 1967 I would have been writing columns grumbling about Expo 67 being a showcase for high-modernist delusion, doomed hopes for national unity, and brutal industrialism.

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